How Much Can You Save After Installing a Smart Thermostat?

Heating your home in the winter months is essential to keep it comfortable, but it is very expensive. A room thermostat or thermostatically controlled radiators are one way of controlling the actual heat from your boiler and reducing your costs. These aren't the best way of controlling your heating though as they have no intelligence. A better solution would be to install a smart thermostat control. These offer a wide range of advantages over standard heating controls.

Making Manual Adjustments

Homeowners are recommended to save money by reducing their heating to 10-15 degrees while they are out of the house for longer then 8 hours at a time. It is very easy to do this with even a standard thermostat, but it is quite a challenge to remember. You will need to make sure you reduce the heating each and every time you go out to work. If you forget then no harm will be done, but you won't benefit from savings.

Using a smart thermostat it is possible to not only switch the heating on and off at certain times, but you can also set the temperature at different times too. This means that you can control when your home will be heated to be comfortable, and when it is heated to the minimum.

Setting up a Timer

Most thermostats have built in daily timers. This will allow you to control the time that the heating comes on and is switched off on different days of the week. This is great on paper, but doesn’t work all that well in practice. Every ones life is hectic nowadays, this means that a set routine probably won't work. If your heating is on all the time you are out then it's a waste.

Smart thermostats can save you money because you can communicate with them remotely. It is possible to use your smartphone, or Internet connected computer to control the thermostat. This means if you are at a meeting and going to be home later then you will be able to set the heating to come on later. You will ideally want your heating to come on just before you get home, and this can be very difficult to predict. Being able to set this from your smart phone makes this much easier. This flexibility is a great way to keep your home warm and save money at the same time.

How much can you save?

Heating your home by any means will be costly. By controlling your heating using a sophisticated smart thermostat you will be able to save a significant amount of money. Of course the exact amount of money that you can save will normally depend on the age of your boiler, and the fuel that it uses. The department of energy has estimated that the average household can save approximately 1% of their energy bills if they reduce the thermostat in their home by 1 degree when they are out of the home for 8 hours or longer. This may not sound like much, but the savings do mount up quickly.

How Much Will You Save?

If you want to know how much I saved after installing a smart thermostat, then you will be pleased to know I have reduced my heating bills significantly. The smart thermostat cost me a few hundred dollars to install, and I should be able to recover my costs in a couple of years at most. This makes it an excellent investment and certainly worth the initial outlay.

Air Conditioning

Although most of the focus on smart thermostats has been on traditional heating, they can also be used with air conditioners. By allowing your home to warm up slightly when you are not at home, and then chilling it to the correct temperature when you plan to be home it is possible to save energy and reduce your bills. Smart thermostat controls can be used to save money on air conditioning bills as well as heating.

A smart thermostat is a must for anyone that wants to save money on their heating costs while still being able to heat their home how they want. There's no need to feel cold or uncomfortable when saving money and reducing heating bills. Smart thermostats are kind to the environment too since you are using less fuel to keep your home warm.