Wouldn't it be Nice if Astrology was real and Climate Change Wasn't?

Not a smart home

One of my favorite homes on television was the one in which Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usbourne lived.

There was nothing at all smart about this home - entirely the opposite in fact, but it sure was funny.

And they didn't have a smart thermostat either - that had one of the old simple types where you just set the temperature or turned the heating off altogether.

So why am I talking about an old TV show that has apparently nothing to do with smart thermostats or smart homes? Well because recently the star of the show, David Mitchell, put out one of his ranting videos addressing the reality of climate change.

In less than 3 minutes he covered the topic better than many in the public eye have done - admitting that we really do like all the advantages of living in a society where we consume large amounts of fossil fuel energy, but knowing that what we're doing now can't continue. So go ahead and watch the video below - if nothing else you're sure to get a good laugh out of it!

Image above licensed under Creative Commons